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    We spend a lifetime trying to make friends, partners and a career without ever realizing that they are all attainable under one core value. It's so incredibly FUNdamental that understanding it can lead to a healthy, fulfilled life. What is it? 'Ships, short for relationships. There are two basic types: friendships and partnerships. Together, they can make champions. We call it Building 'Ships.


    Over the years, we've traveled all across this beautiful country inspiring individuals and empowering companies while simultaneously improving their lives and bottom lines. Are you ready to change your life? It only takes a click to Get Started.


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    Check out these organizations we've worked with:

    Mission: Bettering the lives of Realtors and consumers alike.

    NAR is the voice of real estate professionals all across the nation.

    Mission: Bettering the lives of women Realtors across the country.

    WCR is the country's most connected network of REALTORS®.

    Mission: To educate today's tech-hungry Realtors.

    Realtor.com is where America goes to find their next home.

    Mission: To provide today's real estate professionals with top news.

    Inman has provided invaluable insight to the Realtor community for decades.

    Mission: To provide outstanding real estate services to consumers.

    BHGRE is one of the elite real estate brokerages in the country.

    Mission: To provide top notch real estate services to consumers.

    EXIT prides itself on technology in helping today's consumers.

    Mission: to educated the real estate professionals of Arizona.

    AAR is one of the best educated real estate associations in the country.

    Mission: To educate the real estate professionals of Tennessee.

    TAR is one of the most progressive real estate associations in the nation.

    Mission: To improve the business of today's busy-savvy agent.

    REBAR Camp Nashville is the country's most successful REBAR camp.

    Mission: To educate today's busy real estate professional.

    Xplode is one of the nation's popular Realtor technology conferences.