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    Seven years ago, advocates from the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless were offering homeless prevention resources for families at a public school when a teacher approached them. The teacher shared that many of her students were coming to school extremely tired because they did not have a bed. Knowing that many of the students’ parents simply could not afford to purchase one, she wondered if the Coalition could help get beds for some of her students. That one inquiry launched A Bed for Every Child and it's safe to say the rest is history.

    Boston Children's Hospital is a 404-bed comprehensive center for pediatric health care. As one of the largest pediatric medical centers in the United States, Boston Children's offers a complete range of health care services for children from birth through 21 years of age. Annually, they have approximately 25,000 inpatient admissions and their 200+ specialized clinical programs schedule 557,000 visits.

    Pine Street's Innbassadors are emerging leaders in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts who are passionately committed to building support for Pine Street. The group's leadership committee organizes volunteer opportunities to help improve the lives of our shelter guests and housing tenants, as well as fundraising and networking events to build support and awareness for Pine Street.

    Whether it's a child, team, or nonprofit, the Lindy Infante Foundation provides an opportunity for youth to unlock their full potential through sports participation.