• FUNdamentals

    According to Forrester Research, “It costs 6x - 7x more money to acquire a new client than to maintain an existing one.” This is why many companies fail. Today's salespeople just can't consistently attain, sustain and retain new or past clientele because they desperately lack the passion, skills, tech and training needed to build strong, loyal and reciprocal relationships that would create significant long-term income and savings. In fact, Salesforce states:

    • 64% of salespeople who fail do so because they're in the wrong job, not because they can't sell.
    • A 5% reduction in the customer defection rate can increase profits from between 25% - 80%.
    • In many companies, 20% of the sales force delivers 80% of the company's gross revenue.
    • More than 50% of sales managers are too busy to train and develop their sales teams.
    • An average company loses between 10% - 30% of its customers each year.

    At REsults Consulting, we create perpetual success for businesses of all kinds. Today, many professionals just "get by" because they have difficulties delivering trustworthy, value-centric customer service or delivering a memorable sales experience seamlessly, efficiently and effectively using intelligent technology. As Business eStrategists, we specialize in infusing the new with the old - proficiently. We empower clients through a gamut of proven systems and successful solutions ranging from FUNdamental training on productivity in sales, service, marketing and technology to creating an effective and profitable online presence. Don't get excuses, Get REsults.