• FUNdamentals™ = REAL Success


    At REsults Consulting, we successfully empower sales professionals through:

    1. Positive, insightful and introspective assessment of their sales plan
    2. Mentoring on elite standards for delivering raving customer service
    3. Mentoring on properly leveraging technology to improve productivity
    4. Mentoring on effectively adapting to tomorrow's changing practices
    5. Development of measurable, goal-based, profit-driven sales plans

    According to Forrester Research, “It costs 6x - 7x more money to acquire a new client than to maintain an existing one.” That means that salespeople need to be better trained at attaining, sustaining and retaining clients. Yet, although general sales is truly FUNdamental™, many still fail. SalesForce offers some great reasons why:

    • In many companies, 20% of the sales force delivers 80% of the revenue.
    • 64% of salespeople who fail do so because they are in the wrong job, not because they cannot sell.
    • More than 50% of sales managers are too busy to train and develop their sales teams.
    • A 5% reduction in the customer defection rate can increase profits from between 25% - 80%.
    • An average company loses between 10% and 30% of its customers each year.

    At REsults Consulting, we are seasoned Business eStrategists™ who specialize in improving people, processes and profitability. We accomplish this through inquiry, instruction and infusion. You see, perpetual success in sales is based mainly on numbers, but also on proficiency - with people, systems and technology. To improve your profitability, you must first understand your productivity or lack thereof. Have you successfully infused old-school, trustworthy, customer service with today's real-time, mobile-ready technology? We have, to the tune of $5B in sales.


    Choose from the following consulting services we offer or simply click Book Now to get started.

  • Social Marketing

    Not having success marketing on social media? Let us manage your social profiles, marketing platforms and publishing process and so we can increase your exposure, improve your content, build your reputation and expand your bottom line.

    Social Audit

    Wish you or your company was more profitable with social media marketing? Let us audit your social media profiles, content usage and placement and show you how to better monetize today's popular, web-based and mobile social marketing solutions.

    Tech Consult

    If you or your colleagues are productive, does it mean your company is more profitable? Not always. It may not be you. It may be your technology. Let us show you how to be more proficient and profitable with today's web-based and mobile-ready technology.

    Business Consulting

    Many of today's successful sales professionals and top-notch companies struggle in transforming productivity into profitability. In times like this, it takes a seasoned, knowledgable, tech-savvy and proven team of professionals to advance you to the next stage in your business's life. Time is money. Don't waste either.

    Tech Boot Camp

    Don't let technology dictate your business and life. Let us teach you about today's popular and profitable software solutions to bring you the success you deserve without wasting another second or dollar of your valuable time and income. Profit From Our Experience™

    Success Coach

    Having difficulty achieving the success you want? Sometimes you just need a change in your flight plan (and perspective). Hire a seasoned pilot who will hold you accountable and teach you how to achieve the success you want and deserve. Get Ready to Fly!